Pace Softronix: Integrating Information Silos to Deliver Quality Healthcare

Pravin Kumar Jyoti, MD
The revolutionary change in the technology landscape has heralded the transformation in the healthcare industry. While various healthcare institutions adopt Healthcare Information Management Systems(HIMS)in order to streamline hospital operations and management, the biggest challenge encountered is the communication gap between various departments, there is a parallel need for a secure solution as well. While HIMS amalgamates data with a timely retrieval of patient information and hospital transactions, healthcare providers are on the lookout for solutions that integrate all the requirements onto a single, secure and easy-to-use platform that reduces the disparity between the various departments. Gujarat headquartered Pace Softronix comes to the fore with their novel Hospital Management Software offering with a desktop version and web version on mobile, tab, Linux, and iPhone that breaks down information silos and fully integrates every department with a holistic view without compromising on security. “Our solutions are offered as a desktop version as well as web version which can run without internet in the local environment to match with the poor condition of the internet in the majority of the areas in India,” reveals Pravin Kumar Jyoti, Managing Director at Pace Softronix.

All the administrative modules are meticulously designed as per the mandatory norms of India and in compliance with legal aspects of India especially; NABH compliant, ISO ready, HIPPA compliant and MCI compliant as well. This feature-rich solution has been engineered with a decision support system in the form of super MIS reports and offers a single screen graphical bed status of the hospital. With a full integration of all departments like pathology, radiology, OPD, pharmacy, stores, maintenance, HR and OT, the solution is enabled
with a store module with location and stock monitoring facility and cost center budgeting as well. The software is equipped with state-of-the-art HR payroll module with biometric connectivity while simultaneously encompassing super dynamic pathology and radiology reporting modules where one can create any number of reports. Additionally, the solution proffers bidirectional machine interfacing with lab equipments. Furthermore, the company has an implementation plan under which it facilitates users with the required training and deputes implementation engineering for a given period
of time.

Our solutions can run without internet in the local environment to match with the poor condition of the internet in the majority of the areas in India

In conjunction with this offering, the company with their rich industry expertise and assistance of an advisory board of highly qualified doctors developed a doctor-friendly EMR (Electronic Medical Records). It is armed with all the master data which can be leveraged by doctors to prescribe or create a case paper with just a few clicks and has the facility to create prescription templates with SOAP notes auto-generated from the recorded information. The prescription is multilingual with three languages; Hindi, English, and Gujarati thereby offering convenience. The product is loaded with ICD 10 diagnosis and has the ability to attach photos, videos, and documents.

The company endeavors to continually incorporate innovation in this domain and is currently working on adding fingerprint authentication for patient searching and will soon launch the HIMS services on the cloud server as SAAS.