Cohere Med Solutions: Garnering and Securing Clinical Data through IoT Solutions

Srikanth Muthya, Co-founder & CEO
Renjith S Nair, Co-Founder & CTO

Clinicians today are challenged to provide the right treatment and high quality care to the patients. Hence, it is essential for them to possess the necessary and complete medical information about the patients. As the manual collection of patient data from various sources is time consuming and at times error prone, clinicians are looking for solutions that would help them in seamless data collection and decision making.

Catering to these needs, Ban¬galore based Cohere Med with its CoMeT platform, provides a seamless way to garner data from a diverse set of medical devices using IoT technologies. CoMeT Clinical Analytics platform transforms peta bytes of information from a diversified set of data into actionable insights. The veracity, velocity, variety and volume of data generated by patients is truly mind boggling, an average of about 6 to 10 GB at a rate as high as 1KHz in a single day. Today, this data can be put to good use wherein clinicians can make timely, informed decisions regarding the treatment to be provided to the patients.

CoMeT is built on the foundation of connected care. CoMeT Connect, designed around Internet of Things (IoT), allows a seamless transformation of analogue signals captured from variety of medical devices and information systems into high fidelity digital data stream.

CoMeT Presence, an ICU departmental solution aims to automate workflow processes saving upto 60% of nurses workload and allows clinicians access to patient data from any where, anytime, in a secure manner.
CritiBot, a mobile based app powered by CoMeT Extensions in turn uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to profile patients, sniff data sources, identify patterns and predict fore sights to clinicians. Identifying and prioritizing the most critical cases, managing false positives and optimizing time utilization are key.

“Our mission is to garner and securely transform every bit of medical data from a diverse set of health devices and information systems to help clinicians make informed decisions,” says Srikanth Muthya, Co-founder & CEO, Cohere Med.

"Our mission is to garner and securely transform every bit of medical data from a diverse set of health devices and information systems to help clinicians make informed decisions"

It is imperative to secure the patient data collected from various medical devices and other sources against threats such as data theft and misuse. Cohere Med addresses this problem with CoMeT Secure that implements best of breed security technologies to secure data and protect data privacy.

Clinical applications
Cohere Med provides interoperability and clinical workflow solutions that reduce costs in the health care ecosystem and improve clinical outcomes. The company is focused on building AI based clinical solutions and is also working on creating a clinical data validation system along with several clinical research organizations of global repute.

Apart from the cloud-based deployment model and software-as-a-service offering which gives the advantage of OpEx vs. CapEx, the products and solutions can be deployed on premise without heavy investment in hardware and software infrastructure. The products provide plug-n-Play features and are highly configurable. They work with the existing systems in the enterprise and support standards based interoperability.

These products also enable remote monitoring features out of the box, with its cloud based workflow and collaboration platform - CoMeT Presence. This is a perfect solution for remote monitoring of ICU patients as it enables multiple clinicians to collaborate on a realtime basis through audio and video conferencing.