FindMyHealth: Where Ayurveda Gets Integrated with Technology

CIO Vendor In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means "The Science of Life". It is considered to be the most ancient of the healing sciences that the world has ever come across. As the world is moving forward, it is becoming more conscious about health related problems and solutions to them. The demand is that of an advanced regulation of human body with the use of modern technology. FindMyHealth, a healthtech startup from Bangalore, India is revolutionising the healthcaresector by the combination of Ayurveda and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

As the digitally motivated population is getting smarter by the day, it is increasingly seeking out more control over health and health related problems. Study says that there will be a demand for solutions that connect our everyday actions to health outcomes. "We are building technologies that give users a peek into their inner health and make it possible to identify and connect to actions in the preventive spectrum. Our vision is to make it possible for individuals to both diagnose and access care in preventive spectrum sitting at their home through their mobile devices," states Gaurav Bhalotia, Founder, FindMyHealth.

Implementing the Magic Combination
The company is bringing technology to Ayurveda, thus making it possible to use the time tested wisdom of the ancient Indian Science for implementation in preventive and participative health. Diseases are caused by long standing imbalances in human bodies. Ayurveda provides a framework to measure and treat these imbalances, supporting the body in its natural journey towards good health. Find MyHealth uses Artificial Intelligence for assessment and recommendation, making it possible to apply the Ayurvedic framework to regular use.

The use of AI and mobile web makes it possible to do remote Ayurvedic Assessment on the smart phone. They have built a unique selfie
assessment using computer vision that allows identification of an individual's constitution using their selfie. "We have also taken the relevant body of knowledge and converted it into a graph at the backend. This allows us to connect users to relevant suggestions/ actions depending on their individual health situation," states Gaurav.

We are building technologies that give users a peek into their inner health and make it possible to identify and connect to actions in the preventive spectrum

The AI that has been developed by FindMyHealth has its own distinctive features. Customisation through personalisation is one of it. It enables the company to identify the unique health situation of an individual and connect them to appropriate targeted actions. Processes are implemented by drawing from the wisdom of Ayurveda and other natural techniques. Additional strong aspect of the technology is that it can be done in a non invasive manner and remotely through a smart phone application.

The Expertise Behind It
FindMyHealth's founder, Gaurav Bhalotia has nearly 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and leading development of large scale distributed systems, machine learning, and information retrieval algorithms. He was Vice President of Engineering at Flipkart, where he managed and bootstrapped multiple platforms and contributed to building a strong technology organisation.

He was the director of Engineering at Kosmix (later acquired by WalmartLabs), where he led multidisciplinary engineering and product teams to build a local search engine and also created the first version of their categorization engine.Talking about the implementation plans for the future, Gaurav concludes, "We are working on personalised diet plans driven off our AI that will be Ayurveda compliant."