TracMinds Techno Solutions: Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Technology

CIO Vendor In recent years, the Indian healthcare industry has been thriving. This growth is bolstered by the Indian government investing heavily in public healthcare infrastructure while the private healthcare segment is expanding its reach and capacity as it gradually aims to extend its reach to the Tier II & III cities as well. India's move towards achieving its goals in health infrastructure expansion opens up numerous opportunities in areas like hospital management, technology advancement and equipment. However, while this sector shows great promise the implementation of technology enabled innovations is still in its nascent stage. Healthcare enterprises envision and expect digitalized healthcare, health tracking devices, telemedicine, managed drug distribution system, automated ambulance tracking system and an AI-assisted information extractor for emergency calls, to name a few. As healthcare technology startups are dipping their toes into this profit pool, they are struggling to keep pace with the infrastructural advancements made in this industry.

Perfectly aligningemerging technological innovations with the healthcare industry is Bangalore head quartered TracMinds Techno Solutions with its comprehensive suite of novel R&D products DHSTRACMIND, EMSTRACMIND, HMATRAC-MIND, and THSTRACMIND. Umakanta Patra, Founder of TracMinds Techno Solutions tells us how the company's unique approach of working with clients in tandem with bringing innovative ideas and business models with robust technological solutions to the fore is what sets them apart from other solution providers in the market. He explains, “TracMinds R&D performs market and technology research, creates prototypes, builds an MVP, and product to market. We visualize future products and build them looking at future needs or problems or required changes in the current market. The idea needs to translate into a concept that can be clearly communicated to the market and should address the targeted market niche.”
Offering a Portfolio of Leading-edge Products
Umakanta goes on to explain the workings of each of the innovative products TracMinds has to offer. DHSTRACMIND implements Hospital Guides using indoor mapping based on AR, Recommender Systems and Chatbots using ML and AI for patients in search of appropriate healthcare measures, a Blockchain-driven decentralized transaction system for seamless hospital transactions and secure patients records maintenance. Providing better tracking solutions and effective fleet management, EMSTRACMIND is an intelligent advanced patient mobility response and end-to-end emergency dispatch system that can be accessed through a myriad of platforms.

We visualize future products and build them looking at future needs or problems or required changes in the current market

Additionally, HMATRACMIND has been designed and developed by a team of experts as an AI and IoT assisted healthcare monitoring, medical notification, and assistance system that focuses more on AI and IoT-based Emergency TeleHealth and Telemedicine Monitoring and AI-Assisted anxiety management system that supports people in reducing anxiety. “THSTRACMIND is an AI and IoT Assisted TeleHealth & Telemedicine Services systems that will provide complementary measures to establish a comprehensive and seamless healthcare delivery system that expands your access to high quality health care, saving your time and money,” adds Umakanta.

Gearing up for the future, Trac-Minds is currently working on various R&D projects such as mental healthcare using AI, ML, and IoT, early prevention of paralysis & heart attack, early prediction of cancer, predicting survival of patients cancer & heart attack and big data computing in healthcare analytics.